The property comprising the neighborhood of Woodland Hills Tuscaloosa, Alabama was developed over several years. As the neighborhood developed, a series of restrictive covenants was designed and recorded at the Tuscaloosa Court House to ensure a uniform look and protect property values. It is the responsibility of every homeowner to know the restrictive covenants applicable to his/her property.

At the time of property transfer, the covenants applicable to a specific lot may be included in the property deed or obtained by asking the realtor to supply same. In recent years the Woodland Home Owners Association has sent applicable copies of the restrictive covenants to each owner of record. As a convenience to all home owners, we have included copies of each recognized restrictive covenant on this Web Site. Several of the covenants refer back to previous covenants, such as the Covenant 18 refers back to Covenant 15. Thus, the rules and restrictions applicable in Covenant 15 apply to property in the lots as define in Covenant 18.

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